We solicit submission of original research, as well as experience papers, from both researchers and practitioners. We welcome any topic where Information Quality is the major theme. Specific examples of topics include, but are not limited to, Information Quality (IQ) as applied to:

Corporate and organizational IQ
  • IQ Management and Data Governance
  • Alignment of IQ with Business Strategies
  • Role of IQ in Business Process Performance
  • IQ Education and Curriculum Development
  • Methods, concepts, and tools for IQ
  • IQ Concepts, Metrics, Measures, and Models
  • Engineering Methods for IQ
  • Trust, Knowledge, and Society
  • Data Provenance and Annotation
  • Information Product Theory and Practice
  • Metadata and IQ
  • IQ of Unstructured and Extracted Data
  • IQ in Probabilistic, Fuzzy, &Uncertain Data
  • IQ in Sensor Networks and Information Fusion
  • Data Quality Systems and Tools
  • Data Quality by Design in Software Engineering
  • Measurement, improvement, and assurance of IQ
  • Data Scrubbing and Cleaning
  • Record Linkage and Entity Resolution
  • IQ Assessment, Policies, and Standards
  • Cost/Benefit Analysis of IQ Improvement
  • Privacy and Security Issues in Data Cleansing
  • Measurement of Error Propagation
  • Error Prevention
  • IQ cases Studies and Applications
  • IQ Practices: Case Studies and Experience Reports
  • ISO8000 Implementations Cases
  • Business Intelligence cases
  • IQ in the Web,Data Integration,and e-Business
  • Data Warehousing and Business Intelligence
  • Master Data Management
  • Scientific Data
  • Community Input, Pay as You Go, and Crowd Sourcing
  • IQ in new Eras
  • IQ in the Web 2.0
  • IQ in the Mobil Era
  • IQ in the Cloud
  • Participants